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S7NLEE | theDream Academy | ft MAC MILLIE

Welcome to the S7NLEE MetaVerse . . .

New Music from super producer and composer S7NLEE, “theDREAM Academy” featuring MAC MILLIE. S7NLEE takes you inside his meta verse with this new single. It takes a strong mind and heart for this music industry. But in the meta verse, an artist can take their dream and make it an augmented music reality. And S7NLEE does it on a daily inside the MADDLABB Studios with his self created avatar. Of which he’s using to introduce his new album of the same name. That’s a graduation of sort, from the Dream Academy.

Song composed and produced by S7NLEE. Music video in production now inside the meta verse.

  1. the Dream Academy (feat MAC MILLIE) S7NLEE 2:28